Current Meridian Tenants

If you are a current tenant ​please contact us for any questions you may have regarding your rental property Thank you for being a valued Tenant.

Work Orders– If you are a current tenant ​please contact us for any questions you may have regarding your rental property Thank you for being a valued Tenant.

Contact Us Please use this contact form to contact us. Your inquiry will be responded to the next business day if you send on a nigh or weekend.

Move Out Procedures– If you are moving on a weekend you MUST make arrangements with our office at least ​3​ days in advance. You must schedule for us to come to your unit for a move out inspection and walk through. All keys and access devices are collected at this time and tenants must vacate upon completion of move out walk through. We are the last ones to lock and secure property.

You do not have to clean– the unit will be professionally cleaned and inventoried. Do not leave a bunch of trash inside the unit. Anything left will be disposed of, o please do not leave your personal items. Since the units are furnished we assume anything left is unwanted. Cleaners will discard them.

Move In Procedures– Once your application is approved we will contact you for a signing appointment during business hours. You will be required to bring certified funds for the security/ deposits and Rents in separate checks.

​We​ will have completed the leasing package, and addendums​.

Refunds after Move outs– Once you return all access items, we will have the unit cleaned, inventoried and inspected. Check for utility overages (if applicable)​ and damage charges​ (if applicable)​. ​We also require a ​forwarding address for the deposit​ refund​. We will mail your deposit within 30 days of the termination of your lease.

30 Day Notices– When the term of your lease ends, the lease automatically converts to a month to month lease. You Must give a 30 day notice to vacant, in writing, by the 1st of the month to vacate at the end of the month. All notices must be in writing, dated and signed and have your address in it. Contact us if you need help. Please confirm we received your notice. 30 day notice must be confirmed by our office, to be effective.

Utilities Overages– You are responsible to pay utility charges exceeding usage cap rate as outlined in your lease agreement​ (if applicable)​. In the event that overage have occurred, any additional charges must be paid no later than with the next due rent payment due on the 1st​ ​of the month (we will provide you with copies of any utility bills along with additional payment amount request, for your records).

General Questions about maintenance– Contact us if you have questions. You are responsible to change the AC filters, batteries in smoke detectors and ​will be charged for any damages to rental property​. Contact us if you need assistance.

Contact the HOA- Meridian HOA 702-538-8379

Contact Security- 702-735-2334

Contact us After Hours for Emergencies 702-489-6209

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